​The Growth Strategies Group

Welcome to The Growth Strategies Group

Gordon Landwirth, Principal

How GSG Helps Generate Profitable Growth
The Growth Strategies Group (GSG) is a marketing strategy consulting firm specializing in helping clients grow profitably by:

  • Identifying profitable growth opportunities.
  • Developing sound, practical, cost-effective marketing strategies.
  • Providing extensive implementation assistance.
  • Transferring marketing skills to clients.

GSG has done all of the above effectively for clients in a broad variety of industries and product/service categories in consumer goods and B2B, and for clients of all sizes and stages of development, leveraging the broad experience of its principal, Gordon Landwirth.

Components of Marketing Strategies

Key elements of these strategies usually include the following:

  • Market segmentation and target market selection and prioritization
  • Positioning / branding objective
  • Product line strategy:

             - New product planning

             - Product modifications

             - Product prioritization

  • Promotional Strategy:

              - Media: digital / social media and traditional media

              - Advertising message / copy

              - Web site optimization (content & traffic)

              - Sales organization & sales strategy

              - Public Relations (P.R.) Strategy

              - Promotional programs

  • Pricing strategy
  • Distribution strategy

GSG can also provide selected elements from the above (for example, Promotional Strategy) if client does not need a comprehensive plan. Gordon Landwirth will customize the scope and depth of services for your needs, opportunities, priorities and constraints.